Introducing Craft World

CraftWorld: Network Service Automation Platform

End to End Service Management Automation spread across cloud/application , network , CRM , billing, Customer Onboarding.

Single Console Management

  • Cloud / Application Service
  • Network Management
  • CRM
  • Billing


Challenges Faced by Telco’s/ISP’s


  •  Lack of End to End  integrated service management – Cloud/Application Service, Network, CRM, Billing.
  • Disaggregated Multi – Vendor , Multi –  Technology Network .
  • High Complexity to introduce new solutions and services

Intelligent Automation Platform Intent Based Service Management

Our one of a kind unique platform automates the service life cycle for Telco’s and ISP’s.


  • Lead to Cash Automation , create an autonomously managed network.
  • Service Flow Automation, automate the cloud/application flow from source to end user.
  • Extensible Library and API for supporting new Flows and Elements.
  • AI driven proactive diagnostics optimize your network service regularly.

Self Service Flow Based Network Service Automation.

  • Drag and drop service elements and flows to create integrated end to end service flows for feasibilty anlysis, configuration, diagnostics, alerts.
  • Extensible Library of service flows along with the options to create a library of service flows.
  • Map service flows to product offerings to customers.

Know what’s going on in your network service with model driven telemetry, AI ML & real time analytics.

With implementation of AI and ML for proactive diagnostics and reports, optimize your network service regularly. Deep insight analytics help you plan, configure and operate your network in a simplified dashboard.

Integrate multi technology network into one dashboard.

Are you using multiple tools for network automation across LTE, WiFi, Optical, MSAN, GPON, xDSL, DSLAM among others? It’s time to say goodbye to mundane work of troubleshooting the network and divert your engineers’ attention on value added processes.

Resolve your customer’s queries quickly with our ticket management system.

Receive all your customer service responses instantly, automating your entire customer support process! Your agents have the power to solve customer problems at lightning speeds. You’ll be able to reply in seconds and solve their problem immediately.

Enjoy a smoother field force management on the go with our mobile app.

Our mobile app can help you manage your field force more efficiently with access to statistics and logs. Improve productivity through CRM, email, image, document sharing, and location sharing all packed into ONE mobile app.


At MatreComm, we apply our knowledge, innovative processes and intelligence to advise, architect and deliver a complete solution for our customers.

Cloud Native Saas Driven

Providing hyper scalabilty features.

Integrated Management

We manage CRM Billing, Network, Service Management.

Single Console

Mulri vendor multi technology management from a single console.

AI based Proactive diagnostics

End to end service diagnostics


We customize our product to meet our valuable customer’s specific demands.

CAPEX and OPEX reduction

We ensure to reduce CAPEX and/or OPEX by 30 to 40%