CraftWorld: Network Service Automation

Simplify Automate Deploy Your Vast Network Operations

Streamline network service processes and standardize the configurations across network devices with automation. Adopt an agile approach with CraftWorld.

Implement new configurations


Faster datacenter provisioning

Automate network service fulfilment

Low Capex and Opex

View analytics in real time

Solve problems faster

Automate Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology deployments: LTE, Optical, WiFi, Wireless, xDSL

Zero-Touch Deployment, Configuration, Analytics, Diagnostics

Deep-Insight Analytics: Planning, Configuration, Operations

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Pro-active Diagnostics and Reports

Avoid configuration drifts with true multi-vendor network automation.

Automate repetitive manual tasks across hardware vendors like Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Motorola and others with a single management console. Eliminate the need to follow MOPs(method of procedures) by various vendors.

Integrate multi technology network into one dashboard.

Are you using multiple tools for network automation across LTE, WiFi, Optical, MSAN, GPON, xDSL, DSLAM among others? It’s time to say goodbye to mundane work of troubleshooting the network and divert your engineers’ attention on value added processes.

Continuously optimize your marketing and sales pipeline.

Automate customer outreach based on relevant data, engagement and activity. Suggest the right products and opportunities for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Optimize your lead generation and sales processes with in-built CRM, email marketing, and more. You will save time and drive more sales with fewer leads.

Increase productivity and reduce operational expenses with intuitive workflows.

Enjoy flexibility to add new workflows and scale your operations the way you choose. With intuitive management features and customizable workflows, integrate network and service automation for greater efficiency in your organisation.

Minimize human errors with end-to-end network management automation.

WiFi, Optical, LTE, Switches, Routers, Wireless… We’ve got everything covered to help you automate your network service lifecycle. Plan, Design, Deploy, Operate, Diagnose, and Optimise network service on the go with automation.

Make the best first impression with quick, smooth customer onboarding.

A new customer’s first impression of the company is critical. The goal is to onboard them quickly and compelling, so they experience the value you offer quickly. Make sure that your sales cycle is as short as possible with a customer onboarding workflow.

Know what’s going on in your network with model driven telemetry & real time analytics.

With implementation of AI and ML for proactive diagnostics and reports, optimize your network service regularly. Deep insight analytics help you plan, configure and operate your network in a simplified dashboard.

Automate, track and report on franchisee success with billing automation.

 Run franchise-affiliate business in real time. Monitor every part of the franchise-revenue cycle. With high flexibility and customization, this allows managers to put “the system” in place that communicates regularly with all their affiliates. Billing-invoice automation leads to a streamlined workflow with zero error and easy audits. Make your business efficient with automated reminders and alerts so that you don’t have to keep a constant watch over your finances.

Roll out new updates faster with unified network configuration management.

Say goodbye to those days when you had to change every single network you were in charge of. Now you can stay ahead of your competitors with zero touch deployments and intuitive service management workflows.

Resolve your customers’ queries quickly with ticket management system.

Receive all your customer service responses instantly, automating your entire customer support process! Your agents have the power to solve customer problems at lightning speeds. You’ll be able to reply in seconds and solve their problem immediately.

Enjoy smoother field force management on the go with mobile app.

Managing field force work is a painful process of sending and receiving a lot of emails, use sticky notes, connect between websites and applications. Our mobile app can help you manage your field force more efficiently with access to statistics and logs. Improve productivity through CRM, email, image, document sharing, and location sharing all packed into one mobile app.

✔️ Report Management

✔️ TroubleTkt  Management

✔️ Inventory Management

✔️ Syslog Management

✔️ Fault Management

✔️ Performance Management

✔️ Analytics

✔️ Captive Portal

✔️ CRM Mobile App

✔️ AAA

✔️ North bound Intf

✔️ Configuration Management

✔️ Capacity Management

✔️ Change Management

✔️ Schedule Management

✔️ Topology Management

✔️ Monetisation Management

✔️ QoS Management


Savings in time & motion


Reduction in OpEx


5 years’ ROI

A poll by CompTIA revealed that nearly 50% of all organizations who use managed service providers report having reduced their annual budgets by at least 25%. 

Configuration drift happens, especially when networks aren’t 100% automated, and manual network configuration changes still persist. Industry reports find as much as 40-80% of network failures are the result of human error.

Up to 95 percent of network changes are performed manually, resulting in operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network.

Vendors Supported

✅ Cisco          ✅ ZTE

✅ Aruba         ✅ Nokia

✅ Ruckus       ✅ Maipu

✅ Motorola     ✅ Radwin     

✅ Cambium    ✅ OpenWRT

✅ Huawei       ✅ VyOS

and more… Connect with us for more details about compatible vendors.

Technologies Supported

Protocols Supported

✅ SSH         ✅ YANG

✅ Telnet      ✅ NetConf

✅ SNMP      ✅ MQTT

✅ REST       ✅ TR-069


*We can add new vendor/protocol support within 3-6 weeks of the request. Connect with us to automate your network.


CraftWorld helps you reimagine and reinvent the management of network systems. 

Internet Service Providers

Keep the world connected with seamless management of new and existing internet connections. Save time and energy with automation.

Telecom sector

Automate and push new network solutions faster. Configure and deploy your vast network systems with one software to take care of it all.

Enterprises & Aggregators

Automate the mundane functions of the regular workflow in one dashboard. Cut down on costs and resources, and become more efficient.

Deployment Options

 Seamlessly deploy your software for network automation and management anywhere as per your convenience.

Public cloud

Streamline network operations with continuous updates, 99.99% uptime, advanced machine learning analytics and insights. Access anytime, anywhere.

private cloud

Deploy and maintain within your own datacenter. This is ideal for managed service providers with over 5,000 managed devices.

Local Cloud

Deploy on premises with simplified cost-efficient infrastructure. Harness the power of the cloud with complete control over your local deployment.

Integrate CraftWorld with our other products…

Reach out to discuss the specific needs of your organization. At MatreComm, we recognize that every enterprise is unique, and create customized approaches to boost productivity.


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and if you know that CraftWorld is the missing piece in your arsenal, here is an opportunity for you to sell this with zero maintenance efforts. Send a message to discuss more.

🗸 Add value offering to your current hardware products to make it more attractive.

🗸 Provide end to end solutions by combining hardware with software.

🗸 White label CraftWorld and sell the software solution under your own brand.