Introducing CraftWANI

CraftWANI: PM-WANI as a Service  


  • Cloud based PM-WANI Platform
  • Multi-tenant Cloud based PDOA as a Service
  • PMWANI Certified PDOA and Mobile App
  • Wi-Fi and Data Monetization Platform




Challenges faced by an Organization wanting to become a PM-WANI Certified PDOA 

  • Launching as a PDOA takes time
  • Building a product takes time and effort
  • Certification of PM-WANI an effort
  • Monetization Platform a Challenge



Cloud based PM-WANI as a Service

As an aspiring PDOA Service Provider you can launch PMWANI services using our Cloud based platform.

What do you get from our Platform:

  • A ready PM-WANI Certified and compliant platform.
  • Mobile app which is PMWANI certified
  • Launch with your logo on the products


Multi PDOA/PDO/Franchise Manager

Run PDOA/PDO-affiliate business in real time.

  • Seamless onboarding of PDOA/PDO and affiliates.
  • Asset onboarding setup PDO and billing system.
  • Monitor every part of the franchise-revenue cycle.
  • Billing-invoice automation leads to a streamlined workflow with zero error and easy audits.

Asset Management

The life cycle of Wi-Fi assets is managed by the system comprising of Zero Touch inventory configurations, alerts, diagnostics running autonomously.

  • Smooth Asset onboarding
  • Proactive diagnostics
  • SLA Management

Billing and Invoicing Features

We provide seamless billing integration and invoicing for our customer’s network service management.

We provide


  • Customer Package creation.
  • Automated feasibility analysis and provisioning.
  • Invoicing Billing and tracking.


Set up a Wi-Fi and Data Monetization plan

  • Media Library Store
  • Media Entertainment Dashboard
  • User Statistics
  • Advertiser Registration
  • Ad Displays
  • Customized Captive Portal Flows
  • Targeted Data Collection


At MatreComm, we apply our knowledge, innovative processes and intelligence to advise, architect and deliver a complete solution for our customers.

Quick Onboarding PDOA

Cloud hosted multi PDOA system.

Integrated Management

Integrated asset billing customer service management


Wi-Fi and data monetization.