MatreComm CraftWorld
Software Defined Networks - Optical, WiFi, DSL
True Multi-Vendor platform, end-to-end Automation Planning to Deployment, which will help Gain Cost Efficiencies and Rapidly Deploy New Services
MatreComm CraftAir
Manage Multi-vendor WiFi network
Enterprise, Hotel, Hospital, Educational Org
MatreComm CraftAir is used to manage the multi-vendor WiFi Access Point network, for Enterprises, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Organizations, the product also comprises of AAA, Captive Portal designer
MatreComm SD-WAN
Multi-Cloud Network Integration with SD-WAN
MatreComm SDWAN provides multi-cloud integration with SD-WAN with features like application metering, Tunnel-less Architecture, End-to-End Security, Predictable Experience with Simplicity and Complete Control helping provide secure Corporate VPN across your branches and to your mobile employees, thereby reducing costs and increasing the efficiency across your organization
MatreComm CraftMonetization
Monetise WiFi User Engagement/Behaviour
and Data Monetization
MatreComm CraftMonetization helps monetise the Wifi User engagement/behaviour by displaying advertisements in Captive Portal using an AI engine wherein intelligent advertisement placement and display, helps provide better RoI for advertisers and Data Monetization help create Marketing Strategies
MatreComm Network Service Automation
Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology Management
Internet Service Providers and Enterprise Organizations face the Challenge of managing Multi-vendor, Multi-technology Network service Management. MatreComm Network Service Automation Platform helps ease the management of these diverse networks
WiFi Monetization - Increase Revenue Streams
WiFi Monetization - Increase Revenue Streams
MatreComm Digital Monetization Platform helps add Revenue Streams for Internet Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, by placing Advertisements on Captive Portal, Digital Signage and doing Data Monetization
Managed Work From Home
Managed Work from Home
MatreComm Managed Work from Home Solutions, help ease concerns regarding Secure Corporate Network Access providing per session end-to-end IPSec security, along with User Authentication, along with Asset Identification/Authorisation, along-with Traffic Bandwidth and Quotas.
Managed WiFi as a Service
Managed WiFi as a Service
MatreComm Managed WiFi as a Service, is a Service Oriented Network Management Platform, wherein Multi-Vendor Access Points along-with the ability to deploy Services for Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Orgs and Enterprises. Providing end-to-end Security and Monetisation capabilities.
Software Defined Wide Area Network
MatreComm Software Defined Wide Area Network - SDWAN , is a Next Generation SDWAN product wherein it comprises of a Tunnel-less Architecture and makes use of Native-Routing along,. It also provides application based Routing along-with QoS.
SmartCity Management
Smart City Management - Measurable Outcomes
MatreComm SmartCity Management is an End-to-end SmartCity Management Platform, comprising Integrated Command and Control Center Management to individual Citizen Centric IoT Service Management,, with metrics at every stage

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