Wi-Fi Monetization Channels and Features

Digital Signage

 Enjoy a holistic view of the entire Wi-Fi network with alert management, inventory, faults, performance and security.

Captive Portal

Draw secure network access policies based on user roles. Manage bandwidth on per-user, per-SSID, or per-VLAN basis via the captive portal.


Configure and manage the organization’s entire Wi-Fi needs from one single console manager.  Be it a large campus, or entertainment

Control what you want to display by specifying the ad categories.

Manage the various advertisement locations so that your users aren’t shown inappropriate or irrelevant ads. Set up the preferred category of ads, the type of ad assets, and the stipulate the user demographics for better conversions.

Advertisement Manager

Digital signage, captive portal, media.


Ad Scheduler

Schedule the advertisements ahead of schedule.


Ad Display Policy

Configure and control your ad display policy for advertisers.


Ad Display Logger

Access the logs of all displayed ads in one single dashboard.

Ad Assets

Store and manage images, videos, apps, and template layouts.



Authenticate, authorize, and account the Wi-Fi users in dashboard.

Captive Portal Wi-Fi

Customize what your users can see in the captive portal when they connect.

Asset Interface Broker

Share the interface between assets without any hassles.

Player Asset Inventory

Store the ads to be posted securely on cloud with easy access.

Geolocation Asset Inventory

Maintain assets based on geolocation with easy access.