CraftAir: Wi-Fi Management Features

Wi-Fi Controller

Get complete end-to-end Wi-Fi management of the Access Points with cloud based, multi-tenant controller.

🗸Asset Registration 🗸Asset Template Management 🗸Asset Configuration 🗸Location Management 🗸Inventory 🗸Floor Manager 🗸User Security Management 🗸Dashboard and Analytics

Wi-Fi Network Manager

Configure and manage the organization’s entire Wi-Fi needs from one single console manager.  Be it a large campus, or entertainment/Wi-Fi on wheels or events, and conferences, you can seamlessly update the entire network with just one management console. 

🗸Deployment 🗸Security 🗸Dashboard 🗸Analytics 🗸Alerts 🗸Logs


 Enjoy a holistic view of the entire Wi-Fi network with alert management, inventory, faults, performance and security.

Captive Portal

Draw secure network access policies based on user roles. Manage bandwidth on per-user, per-SSID, or per-VLAN basis.

Content & URL Filter

Categorize and filter URLs seamlessly for safe and secure access across the web. Verify and validate URLs prior access.

GPS Tracking

Track the location of the connected device on the map in real time. Access location data at any instance of time.


Comply with government regulatory policies by drawing Authentication, Authorization and Accounting policies for the Wi-Fi access.

🗸RADIUS 🗸Voucher Management System 🗸Captive Portal 🗸Authentication Management System 🗸Bandwidth Management 🗸Time based Access Management

Media Suite

Set up a holistic media store with movies, songs and series to monetize your infrastructure. 

🗸Media Library Store 🗸Media Profile 🗸Media Asset Store 🗸Media Deployment 🗸Media Entertainment Dashboard 🗸User Statistics 🗸Targeted Data Collection

Minimize human errors with end-to-end network lifecycle automation.

Ten or thousand access points from point to point deployment or multi-point deployment… We’ve got everything covered to help you automate your network service lifecycle. Plan, Design, Deploy, Operate, Diagnose, and Optimize network service on the go with automation.

Increase productivity and reduce operational expenses with intuitive workflows.

Enjoy flexibility to add new workflows and scale your operations the way you choose. With intuitive management features and customizable workflows, integrate network and service automation for greater efficiency in your organization.

Know what’s going on in your network with model driven telemetry and analytics.

With implementation of AI and ML for proactive diagnostics and reports, optimize your network service regularly. Deep insight analytics help you plan, configure and operate your network in a simplified dashboard.