CraftWANI: Wi-Fi Mgmt & Monetization

Take Control Of Your Wi-Fi Network Monetize your Wi-Fi infrastructure Simplify Network Management Turn idle assets into steady cash flow

Explore end-to-end software and hardware solution for becoming a public data operator aggregator in PM-WANI scheme. 

Multi-vendor Wi-Fi management

Compatible with PM-WANI

Become PDO aggregator

Monetize Wi-Fi infrastructure

View analytics in real time

Revenue with ad management

Wi-Fi connectivity for customers

Voucher in mobile phone or printed docs

OTP or eKYC based authentication

Backhaul connectivity to PDOA

Monetization through internet voucher sales

Monetization through captive portal ads

Monetization through content

Monetization through hyper-local services

Customizable policy creation for traffic, bandwidth, QoS, data quota and fair use policy.

End-to-end security with network connectivity and end user protection.

Captive portal designer with advertisement placement and campaign management.

AI and ML enabled pro-active diagnostics, analytics, stats and reports with details.

Centralized Architecture Manager

All the features you need in one console…

✔️ Report Management

✔️ TroubleTkt  Management

✔️ Inventory Management

✔️ Syslog Management

✔️ Fault Management

✔️ Performance Management

✔️ Analytics

✔️ Captive Portal

✔️ CRM Mobile App

✔️ AAA

✔️ North bound Intf

✔️ Configuration Management

✔️ Capacity Management

✔️ Change Management

✔️ Schedule Management

✔️ Topology Management

✔️ Monetisation Management

✔️ QoS Management

Get paid for your traffic from advertisers.

Onboard different advertisers with tools designed to create campaigns, set preferences, get invoices, view analytics with RoI, and manage their business objectives from a single location. Increase your revenue by offering your advertisers the choice of ad placement, the time duration of videos, number of impressions, and loads of templates. Allow them to store their portfolio of advertisements, and manage the lifecycle of the advertiser in one console.

CraftAir- Multi vendor Wi-Fi management solution

CraftMonetisation- Advertisors and captive portal

WANI compliant mobile app for field mnagement

WANI compliant Wi-Fi access point

Avoid configuration drifts with true multi-vendor network automation.

Automate repetitive manual tasks across hardware vendors like Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Motorola and others with a single management console. Eliminate the need to follow MOPs(method of procedures) by various vendors.

Utilize flexible quota and bandwidth templates for enterprises.

 Managing access validations, reviewing and monitoring past network activities, and enforcing bandwidth allocations is a real hassle. Eliminate the headaches and lower data costs with flexible quota. Manage bandwidth and data usage of multiple devices connected to the network on a single dashboard.

Automate the advertiser lifecycle and focus on improving your service.

From accounting and billing to delivering the proof of Ad display and statistics about return on investment, CraftMonetisation has you covered. Enable the interested advertisers to register on your platform, maintain their ad inventory, set their ad display preferences, measure the data and pay the bills.

Keep your Wi-Fi users’ data safe and secure with end-to-end encryption.

Modern business depends on staying connected and receiving the latest market information at all times. Wi-Fi lets you do this in places that cellular data cannot reach. However, it opens up another problem: the security of your customers’ data. All of your Wi-Fi settings are kept safe in one secure and encrypted cloud. 

View real-time analytics and predict trends.

Optimize your setup better, and push out new releases with real time analytics that intelligently analyses the trend. Predict statistics and trends based on past activities. Store geographic location of the users to optimize the campaigns better. 

Simplify ad management with workflows.

Make the ad space in your portals competitive by encouraging advertisers to bid for them. With one console for ad bidding, booking, and scheduling, ad management has become simpler and more convenient.

Enjoy smoother field force management with mobile app.

Managing field force work is a painful process of sending and receiving a lot of emails, use sticky notes, connect between websites and applications. Our mobile app can help you manage your field force more efficiently with access to statistics and logs. Improve productivity through CRM, email, image, document sharing, and location sharing all packed into one mobile app.


Savings in time & motion


Reduction in OpEx


5 years’ ROI

Up to 95 percent of network changes are performed manually, resulting in operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network.

64% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on the availability of Wi-Fi services. Source: Accenture

Wi-Fi marketing can convert 5 times more customers than on average. Sample Size: 400 SMEs in the USA

Wi-Fi marketing can convert 5 times more customers than on average. Sample Size: 400 SMEs in the USA

Configuration drift happens, especially when networks aren’t 100% automated, and manual network configuration changes still persist. Industry reports find as much as 40-80% of network failures are the result of human error.

Vendors Supported

✅ Cisco          ✅ ZTE

✅ Aruba         ✅ Nokia

✅ Ruckus       ✅ Maipu

✅ Motorola    ✅ Radwin     

✅ Cambium    ✅ OpenWRT

✅ Huawei       ✅ VyOS

Technologies Supported

Protocols Supported

✅ SSH         ✅ YANG

✅ Telnet      ✅ NetConf

✅ SNMP      ✅ MQTT

✅ REST       ✅ TR-069


*We can add new vendor/protocol support within 4-6 weeks of request.


Captive Portal from MatreComm


Ad Markers for Media


Digital Players Integration

Popular media players integrated with MatreComm system


AAA from MatreComm

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting


CraftWANI helps you manage your Wi-FI users and leverage them for more revenue. 








Implement security policies, captive portal security, access policies, network connectivity, user role access based bandwidth and quota policies. Make your multi-vendor, multi-location management smoother with role based access.

Internet service providers

Add bandwidth and quota policies for users. Segregate network with role-based access, and policies applied to clients, staff, and visitors. Implement PMS integration with monetization options through the captive portal.


Seamlessly offer flexible bandwidth and quota allocation based on events. Implement policies per event and segregate Wi-Fi networks based on users to deliver different experiences. Monetize your infrastructure through the captive portal.

Deployment Options

Seamlessly deploy your Wi-Fi management platform anywhere as per your convenience.

Public cloud

Streamline network operations with continuous updates, 99.99% uptime, advanced machine learning analytics and insights. Access anytime, anywhere.

private cloud

Deploy and maintain within your own datacenter. This is ideal for managed service providers with over 5,000 managed devices.

Local Cloud

Deploy on premises with simplified cost-efficient infrastructure. Harness the power of the cloud with complete control over your local deployment.

Integrate CraftWANI with our other products…

Reach out to discuss the specific needs of your organization. At MatreComm, we recognize that every enterprise is unique, and create customized approaches to boost productivity.


Handle multi technology, multi network automation in your management systems…


Unify your business driven processes with SD-WAN designed keeping your needs in mind…


Succeed with specially designed hardware keeping the needs of software solutions in mind…


Seamlessly integrate IOT products with 5G capabilities for more productivity…

If you’re a OEM/Hardware vendor…

and if you know that CraftWANI is the missing piece in your arsenal, here is an opportunity for you to sell this with zero maintenance efforts. Send a message to discuss more.

🗸 Add value offering to your current hardware products to make it more attractive.

🗸 Provide end to end solutions by combining hardware with software.

🗸 White label CraftWANI and sell the software solution under your own brand.