CraftUnify: Business driven SD-WAN

Accurate Stable Agile Faster Secure Network For Modern Businesses

Move critical applications and data to a secure cloud with an advanced network management system. 

Connect multiple cloud services

Embrace remote work

Adaptive encrypted data

Smoother IT management

View analytics in real time

Deploy faster with responsiveness

Simplify your IT infrastructure without additional toolboxes.

Say goodbye to firewalls, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and tunnels from legacy network vendors. With hybrid WAN, focus on what matters instead of overlays, hardware authentication, encryption, and hardware segmentation. Integrated distributed control, simple intelligent service-based routing, and in-band (data provisioning system) reduces your IT headaches.

Increase performance with dynamic optimization & application routing.

Less overhead, more scalability and dynamic optimization application recognition filters, routing, QoS Simplify the management of IP networks with dynamic optimization features and application recognition filters. Provide dynamic QoS, access controls and routing based on the application fingerprint. Deploy adaptive policies for better efficiency in operations.

Regulate remote connectivity to CPE with centralized VPN.

Manage static/dynamic IP address pools as well as multiple remote access servers across several locations. Allow/disallow VPN connectivity based on access control and quota policies. Ensure control over security and protect your corporate network from unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

Keep your corporate network secure with captive portal authentication.

Enjoy the responsiveness of a traditional Access Control System without hardware costs and associated installation expenses. After successful authentication, the required firewall filter will be added to the access device to allow the employee to connect to the internal corporate network.

Stay agile and competitive with zero touch deployment and application resiliency.

Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) provisioning makes it easy to set up WAN circuits, with a simple two-click configuration of the circuit and configuring service. Service Performance Assurance (SPA) technology helps continuously monitor the running performance parameter of the circuit for better application resiliency and network responsiveness. This, combined with our real-time alarm monitoring platform in the cloud, allows you to have faster detection and effective alarm resolution. Typical application outages can now be recovered in less than 5 minutes.

Eliminate the pain of setting up hardware and ensuing incompatibility issues.

The usual hardware-centric model involves more complexity, cost, and compromise for you. Diverse hardware setup usually does not support video-intensive workloads or properly connect today’s mobile workforce.  However, multi-vendor hardware setup is a thing of past now. Run new services and applications across diverse networks and within the hybrid cloud easily. Embrace IT Network model with CraftUnify and keep the operations smooth.

Cut down the connectivity costs with native load balancing & tunnel-less architecture.

Replace tunnel-based network overlays and inefficient provisioning systems. Everything is done with software, including control, management and configuration. CraftUnify offers superior intelligent routing, automatic failover and security technologies to eliminate system downtime. Automate application management by adjusting bandwidth load across carriers. 

Keep your enterprise’s data safe with zero trust mode and deny-all routing.

The current IT/Network model is exposed to increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals leading to high costs of downtime. Zero trust model with deny-all routing id fully compatible and interoperable with existing network protocols. Secure every session with user authentication, asset validation, bandwidth and custom quota policies based on your needs.

Enjoy smoother field force management on the go with mobile app.

Managing field force work is a painful process of sending and receiving a lot of emails, use sticky notes, connect between websites and applications. Our mobile app can help you manage your field force more efficiently with access to statistics and logs. Improve productivity through CRM, email, image, document sharing, and location sharing all packed into one mobile app.

Traditional SD-WAN solution v/s CraftUnify

At MatreComm, we’ve looked deep into the modern business requirements and reinvented the SD-WAN to make it even better…


Reduction in Network Overhead

IPSec tunnels add 30% overhead to network traffic.

CraftUnify creates secure SD-WAN networks without creating IPSEC tunnels which results in annual savings of over 1.3 million USD for 1000 branch offices.


Reduction in OpEx

Complex management makes operations harder.

CraftUnify simplifies the management and automates the processes whenever possible. With security implemented 24/7, reduce the time and money.


Reduction in Network Expenses

Individual licenses add up to network expenses. 

CraftUnify offers project wide licenses that reduces network software expenses compared to other SD-WAN offerings. 


Reduction in Data Transfer

Rigid rules and policies add to traffic expenses. 

CraftUnify offers intelligent bandwidth adjustment and routes the traffic through various channels. Add custom policies and quotas for savings. 

Presently almost 55% of IT budgets are taken by WAN. The heads of those companies are attracted to modern technology to update the infrastructure.

In a recent estimation, it is expected that the market of SD-WAN is supposed to rise from $1.9 billion in 2020 to $8.4 billion in 2025 with many enterprises moving towards remote data access. Source: MarketsAndMarkets

Business driven SD-WAN reduces application latency by 45% and time to onboard new services by 59%. This has also reduced the time to implement policy changes by 58% and time to reach new branches by 44%. Source: IDC 2019

Application Management

✓Application Configuration

✓Application Visibility

✓Application Configuration

Multi-path Routing

✓MP Session Migration

✓MP Session Redundancy

✓MP Session Maximization

Zero Trust Network Security


✓Native Session

✓Security Policy Automation

✓Scale Security Functions

Service Chaining

✓Server Load Balancing

✓Interoperability with Routing

✓Service Function Chaining

Centralized Management


Integrate systems for unified management on hybrid WAN.


Authenticate each session at each hop with payload encryption.


Steer session traffic in segments across the network without tunnel overlays.


Support hierarchical multi-tenancy & segmentation across NAT.


Establish dynamic paths based on application policies & network state.

Load Balancing

Natively balance the load between link and endpoint session.

Native Network Functions

Deny All Routing

Block DoS/DDoS attacks. Authenticate with Network Address Translation.

Adaptive Encryption

Enjoy the power of VPN. Comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FIPS 140-2 encryption standards.


✓Real-time in a dashboard

✓Network traffic and security

✓Customer usage insights

Failsafe Delivery

✓Intelligent Path Monitoring

✓Lossless Delivery

✓Application & Policy-based

Service-Centric Control

✓Session Detection Control

✓Session Classification State

✓Assured Path Symmetry

✓Session Directionality

Tunnel-less Architecture

✓Avoid Network Overlays

✓Data Provisioning

✓Faster Secure Network


Simplify management, improve application responsiveness, and capitalize on your data center investment today –all with a single network fabric.








Handle your business operations smoothly with software defined networks.


Add custom policies, quotas, and user role access for smoother management.

IT Companies

Unify your operations across multiple cloud services and deploy the updates faster.

Deployment Options

 Seamlessly deploy multi cloud integrated network anywhere as per your convenience.

Public cloud

Streamline network operations with continuous updates, 99.99% uptime, advanced machine learning analytics and insights. Access anytime, anywhere.

private cloud

Deploy and maintain within your own datacenter. This is ideal for managed service providers with over 5,000 managed devices.

Local Cloud

Deploy on premises with simplified cost-efficient infrastructure. Harness the power of the cloud with complete control over your local deployment.

Integrate CraftUnify with our other products…

Reach out to discuss the specific needs of your organization. At MatreComm, we recognize that every enterprise is unique, and create customized approaches to boost productivity.


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Manage and monetize Wi-Fi access points in your organization for better efficiency…


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Handle multi technology, multi network automation in your management systems…

If you’re a OEM/Hardware vendor…

and if you know that CraftUnify is the missing piece in your arsenal, here is an opportunity for you to sell this with zero maintenance efforts. Send a message to discuss more.

🗸 Add value offering to your current hardware products to make it more attractive.

🗸 Provide end to end solutions by combining hardware with software.

🗸 White label CraftUnify and sell the software solution under your own brand.