“Unify to Simplify”

About Us

We create digital transformation products to transform your business into a modern, unified and flexible organization.  

Our Mission

Simplify digital transformation
for seamless operations and faster growth

Enterprises across the globe are adopting digital transformation strategies to achieve faster growth. But many find the transformation journey long and arduous – with complexity hindering rapid progress. A lengthy journey with likely delays leaves a lot of room for business disruption and revenue loss. Our portfolio with our expertise is here to help your digital transformation journey be more efficient and affordable. You can leapfrog over your competitors through proactive automation of processes, making your business more competitive than ever before.

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Founded in March 2016, MatreComm is at the innovative crossroads of digital transformation products. Incubated by Tata Elexsi in Bangalore, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds ever since our inception. Our customers have seen an average of 30% increase in revenue and 70% decrease in time and efforts. We’ve helped large telecom providers, Fortune 100 companies and international banks cut down their Opex and achieve massive returns on their investments.

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Our Vision

Spreading one billion smiles through agile, dynamic and successful enterprises

We envision empowering enterprises and organizations with breakthrough digital automation and simplified management in all areas of business processes. The general populace deserves better connectivity, faster access to new services and better infrastructure. We aspire to catalyze the process and be the reason behind their smiles.

Conventional wisdom says you’ve to screw up before achieving something truly great. And we say, Let’s automate a winning workflow without screwing up. We can help you plan, design and implement the most effective solutions for your business. Solving the biggest challenges in the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation fuels us. Ranging from network service automation, SD-WAN to digital monetization and managed Wi-Fi services. We thrive on simplifying the complex infrastructure by unifying the same.

How are we making an impact?

The digital transformation approach encompasses comprehensive strategies that propel businesses into new areas of growth, revenue and profits. It is redefining the competitive landscape. Telecom service providers, enterprises, organizations and smart cities must rethink their infrastructure investment plans to capitalize on the digitization of physical systems occurring in a broader context of IoT, Cloud Computing and Public Safety.

Our portfolio of solutions helps optimize existing network environments while accelerating ahead with new technology initiatives that drive competitive advantage. We increase profits by leveraging the assets and connecting to the intelligent cloud.

Our Values


Customer commitments are our numero uno priority. We ensure seamless rapid delivery of new projects. If there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we always make sure you are notified and kept up-to-date. We’ll work hard to keep any disruption to your projects minimal. To support our commitment, our teams are built to be lean and streamlined so that they can respond quickly and effectively to any situation.


The most important thing about innovation is really that it’s a culture. It’s not a set of pre-defined instructions. At MatreComm, we believe that great products and services live at the intersection of art, technology, and business. Together with business leaders around the world, we continue to build on our past innovations to deliver new experiences for consumers.


We work collaboratively with our customers to help them identify and fulfill their business needs. At MatreComm, we apply our knowledge, innovative processes and intelligence to advise, architect and deliver a complete solution for our customers. It is our mission to help our customers reach their business goals.