Cloud Managed WiFi

Move from Capex to Opex Model

Multi-Vendor IoT Gateway/Access Point Support

Savings Time/Resource - Quickly Add Global Locations

Centralised Management - Better Network Reliability/Uptime

MatreComm CraftAir - Cloud Managed WiFi

Smart Cities, WiFi-as-A-Service, and IoT applications are each driving unique WiFi deployment requirements at a rapid pace. However, Managed service Providers find that piecing a solution together using the management software provided by equipment vendors is complex and expensive.

MatreComm offers the only service-centric, multi-vendor, integrated management system in the industry, and supports Smart City, WiFi-as-a-Service, and IoT through a single platform.


Single solution WiFi + IoTRogue Asset - Rogue Access Point, Rogue Clients
Hierarchical Licensing - Channel Partners + OrganizationUser Security Management - Multiple Authentication mechanisms
Multi-Location - Add Floors, Building, CitiesBYOD - User OS, Installed Application compliance
Multi-Vendor - Support Access Point, Switches from multiple vendors - InventoryMoving Vehicles - Media, Advertisement, Captive Portal
Inventory -Manual, Zero touchCaptive Portal and Billing - User Authentication and Billing
RF Management - Load Balancing, RF Coverage Management


Move from Capex to Opex based Models

Seamless Scalability - Add Access points and subscribe

Savings Time/Resource - Quickly Add Global Locations

Multi-Vendor support

Centralised Management - Better Network Reliability/Uptime

Case Studies

Tier 1 ISP

More variety of Offerings
Reduced Capex and Opex
Rapid On-boarding of Customers

Large National Bank

Internet Access in Remote Villages – Digital India
LTE + WiFi – Integrated Access

Large National Power Co

Internet Access – Remote locations
LTE + WiFi – Integrated Access


  • Can the Managed WiFi Solution be aavilable in SaaS or Appliance form ?
    The CraftAir product is available in SaaS form, but we would be able to provide the same in Appliance form based on the request. Please email, regarding your needs.
  • Please let me know, if my Device is supported ?
    Please share the details about the device, you want to be supported at We will revert back regarding the support.The details to be provided are: - Vendor - Model - Firmware Version
  • Please let me know about the scalability of the Solution ?
    The MatreComm CraftAir platform is elastically scalable, the compute capacity is added dynamically based on the system load. You can add as many devices to manage as per your requirement, the system will auto-scale.