MatreComm Products

MatreComm CraftWorld is a WiFi and IoT Service Delivery Platform, which provides end-to-end WiFi and IoT solutions. These solutions help reduce Capex and Opex across WiFi monetize the IoT  solutions being offered as a Managed Service. The various components of the CraftWorld are as follows:

CraftAir- WiFi as a Managed Service

MatreComm CraftAir is an end-to-end multi-vendor WiFi management product, which can help an organization deploy WiFi across Enterprises, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Organizations, and so forth

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MatreComm ConnectedWheels helps provide WiFi on the move, wherein WiFi and internet are made available on the go across Buses, Cars and Railways. The solution also incorporates advertisement and media management, leading to RoI for the customers.

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WiFi Digital Marketing

MatreComm WiFi Digital marketing solutions helps organizations make use of intelligent Digital signage display with Visual analytics and predictive advertisement based on user browsing interests leading to higher client engagement and RoI for advertisers.

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SmartCity in a Box

MatreComm "SmartCity in a Box" is an all integrated WiFi and IoT management product, which helps an organization to deliver end-to-end SmartCity Management product, spread across WiFi, Media, IoT, ... with monetization capabilities.

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