Partner with MatreComm!

MatreComm is a technology driven company which provides end-to-end WiFi and IoT solutions using our CraftWorld platform. Organizations partnering with MatreComm can provide innovative high-value monetary returns to their customers by providing innovative and best of breed solutions built around the MatreComm CraftWorld platform. The solutions provided would lead to a quick RoI around capex and opex. 

Whether you are an existing organization looking to expand into WiFi/IoT solutions, or planning to build WiFi/IoT solution expertise, you can benefit by adding MatreComm products to your offering. Your partnership with us would enable you to access our complete WiFi and IoT product portfolio. You can be assured of continuous training and support from MatreComm to ensure that you are providing the best of breed solutions.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers


If you are a Service Provider offering Network/IT services and you intend to offer end-to-end Wi-Fi and IoT solutions with huge monetary benefit to your customers, MatreComm would abe your partner of choice. MatreComm offers a portfolio of WiFi/IoT produts/solutions which help organizations save capex and opex.

What are the Benefits?

- MatreComm provides attractive offers and relentless products that make a business stand out.

- As a Managed Service Provider you would be motivated in doing business with us due to broader incentives and rewards.

- MatreComm ensures best of breed Wi-Fi and IoT management service portfolio.

- You have the option of hosting your software at your Data Centre or take up hosted services from us.

- You will have the benefit of availing volume discounts depending upon the number of transactions with respect to hosted services through MatreComm.


Independent Software Vendor/OEM

Independent Software Vendor/OEM


If you are an OEM/ISV provider, MatreComm would engage with you create innovative best of breed solutions. The solution partner program would help you capitalize on WiFi/IoT opportunity. You would gain indispensable resources at every step – from concept to sale. MatreComm would be the place for you to build, test, market and sell solutions for WiFI/IoT. 

What are the Benefits?

- Access sample code, sandbox labs, APIs, SDKs, etc

- Test and certify your solutions.

- Get expert advice from fellow developers and MatreComm Engineers

- Solution Partner Program members add their solutions to our catalog

- Promote your solution, apps, and services in Marketplace

- Connect with global MatreComm Marketplace





If you are a trustworthy IT investment consultant or an advisor who prides yourself on your happy customers, products/ technologies from MatreComm would be your best choice. As a consultant, your customers count on you to help them adopt software and services.  You understand their buying needs across solutions, software and services. You support your customers when they are in need of software or services renewals as their businesses expand. MatreComm wil support you by providing tranng and collaterals, which help draw innovative solutions and propositions leading to ROI for customers.

What are the Benefits?

- As a consultant, you would benefit from three levels of incentives from MatreComm.

              * Adopt incentive - To encourage adoption and support successful customer business outcomes

              * Expand Incentive - For incremental bookings that result from adoption within an architecture

              * Renew Incentive - For on-time renewals and subscription customers who demonstrate loyalty (coming soon)

- Life cycle management workshops for executives would help you align your software life cycle services practice to your overall business objectives