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Monetizing SmartCity


Many of the SmartCities across the globe are helping the Citizens get access to the internet enabled services, which help simplify their daily lives. Many of these SmartCities make use of SmartPoles, which host various elements like Small Cell, WiFi, Digital Signage, Public Announcement System, Panic Button, IoT Applications  and so forth. As these systems help provide the Citizen services, one of the key components would be also to monetize them.Monetizing the SmartCity deployments is a key component of making sustainable SmartCity deployment models.

MatreComm Digital Monetization Platform was chosen by the SmartCity partner to help build a monetization solution, for the SmartCity.


  • Current SmartCity/SmartPole Management Solution are more oriented towards infrastructure management and have no or very little monetization features.
  • Disparate monetization solutions available but lack of advertiser management solutions.
  • Lack of IoT/API monetization platforms


MatreComm Digital Monetization Platform was chosen as the solution for the SmartCity monetization.

  •  The monetization components covered were, WiFi Captive Portal, Digital Signage, Media Portal, IoT API
  •  The Advertisor Management platform helped to pool the various advertisors and the they could choose the slot and location, where the advertisement would need to be placed alongwith the RoI targets.
  •  The IoT platform would be used to add/engage the various IoT solutions, and thereby increase the various services being provided alongwith monetization of the same.


  • A Single Unified Monetization management pane for SmartCity.
  • Advertisor management, wherein multiple engagement with multiple advertiser’s is seamless
  • Ability to place advertisements alongwith RoI Goals – Impressions, Goals, locations
  • IoT API Monetization – Integrate multiple IoT solutions on the platform, monetize the api consumption