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Enterprise Managed WiFi


Most of the Enterprises globally have multiple distributed offices globally, these offices have WiFi Access Points from multiple vendors. The IT Dept of the Enterprises have a significant challenge of ensuring that the security policies are deployed in a seamless manner alongwith ease of management. Also the fact that having WiFi Access points from multiple vendors add to the complexity of management alongwith challenges of adding new technologies/features to the network.


  • Multi-Vendor WiFi Network, multiple NMS systems
  •  Complexity of managing multiple Vendor WiFi Access Points
  •  Challenges to introduce new technologies and solutions
  • Single vendor lockin – High Capex and Opex


  • MatreComm CraftWorld, solution was chosen for the Enterprise WiFi Management, it managed WiFi Access Points from multiple vendors Cisco, Aruba and so forth. The network Management integration was completed within a week, thereby saving System Integration costs, and bringing up the network quickly.
  •  The various roles and associated data consumption policies were created, and the same applied to the various clients connecting to the WiFi network, these data consumption policies were across the WiFi Access Points from multiple vendors.
  •  The offices were spread across multiple locations, the same were managed seamlessly with real-time alerts and alarms for pro-active monitoring and management.


  • The management of WiFi Access Points from multiple vendors, helped streamline management and security policies
  • The management of multi-vendor Access Points resulted in savings across Capex as the customer has the choice to buy the best hardware based on solution/technology fit, as compared to a single vendor lock-in.
  • There were Opex savings as a single management solution alongwith with a single pane of operations helped to simplify the management of the WiFi network.