A large Global Enterprise, having large multiple distributed office globally, wanted to inter-connect their offices, at the most optimal costs alongwith the adoption of the latest technologies. The organization was currently using MPLS based solutions to inter-connect their offices. But as more newer applications/services came into being a more granular way of connecting services/applications/network would be required.

MatreComm SD-WAN was chosen as the solution here and the same was deployed across the network of the Enterprise to provide the next-generation WAN connectivity solutions, alongwith network/application slicing capabilities.


  •  Scalability of the current MPLS and SD-WAN solutions was a significant limitation
  • Granular control of Application access and Service access was a challenge
  •  Application QoS and Policy based control of the same was a challenge


MatreComm SD-WAN solution was chosen and a seamless inter-branch connectivity with service/application/network level control of access/QoS provided.

The connectivity was established at a very optimal cost alongwith, with a tunnel-less architecture, the network connectivyt was brought was brought up at the earliest.


  • Tunnell-less inter-connectitiy
  • Appplication oriented routing
  • Granular Access Control Network/Application/Service
  • Significant cost savings over traditional MPLS/SD-WAN technologies